Hey – I’m Rachel, the writer on this blog, I’m 20, and I’m an English Literature and Creative Writing student at university in England. I’ve been running this blog for a while now, and the content that I post here has become more sporadic and changed in its themes through the years. As a young writer that has literally no idea who they are, what the world is, whether anything is actually real or if we’re all just living in a simulation, the changing nature of this blog is just a consequence of circumstance. Whether you’verachel been reading my work for a while or you’ve only just stumbled across it, I hope you enjoy the alternative perspectives I try to offer on pop culture, and if not, please contact me so we can open up a discussion about that. By “open up a discussion”, I mean you offer me critique on my writing and I cry about it for a few days until I take your advice onboard.

If you’re a writer who’d like to collaborate, a fan who’d love to get my autograph, or a talent scout who needs to get my impossibly witty and eloquent writing out into the world on a wider platform, please don’t hesitate to contact me at rsggambling@gmail.com. I love writing autographs, even if they do take up a lot of my time these days!!! Alternatively, contact me on social media:

Twitter: @gamblngaddicted

Instagram: @gambling.addicted99

Or listen to either of the radio shows/podcasts I’ve been involved with at:

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